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[PANN] 161112 I feel terrible because BTS's Save ME didn't get enough attention

I think it's one of the greatest songs by BTS. It feels like a very classy pop? song and it feels good

I think this track didn't see much light because it wasn't the title track... if they promoted this song as a follow up song I think it would have got more popular. Some know this song but majority of the public remembers the title tracks so...

Anyway I think Save Me should see more light and it's my opinion so don't curse at me

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1. the genre of Save me itself is not very popular in Korea yet but I was really surprised to watch Save me performances and music video.. I mean idols emphasize more on commercial songs but BTS's attempt is... but the song's really good too. It's one of the trendy genre in other countries so I've listened to it many times until I got tired of listening to it but I think Save me is a masterpiece. Tropical house + KPOP elements, they combined these two factors really well and I don't know the rapping member but thanks to the rapper who performed in trap style, the song wasn't too obvious..Save me is my favorite song among BTS's songs! +147 -12
ㄴ that's J Hope!
ㄴ I love Save me too but I like "Lost" from their new album ㅠㅅㅜ it feels like the next "Save me"? +11 -0

2. For me I think it's Butterfly ㅠ +81 -0

3. save me, young forever and butterfly are masterpieces +77 -0

4. save me wasn't their title track? I thought it was a title song because of that music video they filmed on sand ㅋ I'm a guy so I don't really listen to boy group songs but I liked Save me so now I listen to their other songs too +45 -2

5. Save me is a great song but the choreography is just... +39 -2

6. the choreography is just... I watched this live with my own naked eyes and I thought I was going to die +32 -3

[PANN] 161112 BTS's Kakaotalk conversations

*I would like to state that this post is a BTS fan recruiting post. Please press the back button and read other posts if you don't want to see. (winks)*

Bangtan Room 7

-Guys, our own emoticons are here
- cute maknae
- chu
- clap
- okay, okay

(1) emoticon PR fairy J Hope
(feat. no one read his message...)

[PANN] 161112 Some ARMYs got mad at him for not mentioning ARMYs

I think Taehyung couldn't thank his grandmother earlier because of the fans who attacked him for not mentioning them during winning speech. Taehyung, I will remember your grandmother. I will engrave her in my heart.

You can read Taehyung's ending ment here

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1. I still remember the smile he had when he said "I love you grandmother" during their winning speech ㅜㅜ it must have been painful for him inside... I'm really sad +45 -0

2. I sincerely want to kill the kids who complained when he didn't mention ARMY... +45 -0
ㄴ I got goosebumps because of them because they weren't even ARMYs but they were pretending to be usㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ crazy ba*tards... +1 -0

3. Taetae cried at the fansign because the fan was worried about his grandmother's health... I think fans started to worry about his grandmother's health because he mentioned her during their winning speech... so she asked him and that's why he cried ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ my heart hurts... honestly, when he mentioned "grandmother" and not "grandfather and grandmother" during his speech on Music Bank, I thought "did he forget his grandfather...?" but this was the reason... +30 -0

4. I went to watch the fancam of BTS Show Champ in Manila after hearing this and Taehyung is really... amazing... that's all I can say. I was raised by my grandmother too.. perhaps I'm more grateful to her than my parents too.. I'm really sad when I think of my grandmother passing away... but Taetae performed from start to finish, holding on to his mental and not letting the shock and fear take control of him. My heart breaks to think he was trying to hide his feelings and expressions throughout the stage and at the same time, all I can say is that he's really amazing. Taetae is very mature. Let's remember our Taehyung's grandmother. I'm going to pray for her. +5 -0

5. Taehyung, we love you +1 -0

[PANN] 161112 Ah sh*t Taehyung's previews are up

ah what do I do 
he's so pretty cute and handsome 
ah my heart hurts...

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1. seriously I'm sure he must be sick of hearing this but Kim Taehyung, you do know that you're seriously very handsome, right? +40 -0

2. why am I seeing a baby in the photo...? +20 -0

3. Taetae, what are you doing here without going to the kindergarten?? +20 -1

4. I just got back from fan meeting and seriously... the photo can't even capture 50% of his actual face +3 -0

5. Why is he so handsome... Taehyung, I'm still not used to your handsome face +3 -0

[PANN] 161111 Boy idols who look good with glasses?

I think all EXO members look great with glasses.
They all look so handsome without looking like nerds ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Please let me know if there are any other boy idols who look good with glasses!! I think they look more smarter and sexy when they wear glasses... ㅎ

[Misc] 161112 Fan meeting Day 1 - Part 1

(After their "2, 3" stage)

Jimin: I think it was much more delightful to perform this wonderful song together with our ARMYs.

Yoongi: During the prelude of the song, I felt like I was going to cry.

Jungkook: I choked too.

Namjoon: I think it was really amazing.

Yoongi: I'd like to thank you all sincerely.

J Hope: We really, we- BTS, we really trust our ARMYs. We love you all!

Namjoon: We thought "2, 3" is the most- since we say this when we introduce ourselves, we thought "2, 3" really expresses BTS and ARMYs, that is why we chose it.

Namjoon: Originally the title was "1, 2, 3" but we thought "2, 3" felt more like our own unique word/language and that is why we chose the title "2, 3".

Namjoon: We want to thank you all again for singing along with us. Thank you.

(Members shared their thoughts on performing at the Gocheok Dome)

Seokjin:  I, the eldest hyung will begin! We got to stand on this amazing venue and I'm not sure what I should be saying but this is our fanmeeting, isn't it?

Seokjin:  Because we have ARMYs here with us, it's quite awkward to say this but I think my aegyo is increasing~

Seokjin: Anyhow! I think my life turned happier because of you guys and I'm not sure if you guys know this saying but they say there are 3 important "geum" (geum = gold)

Seokjin: The first "geum" is "hwang-geum" (gold)

Seokjin: Second is "so-geum" (salt)

Seokjin: and the third is this "golden" moment I get to spend with you all!

(T/N: the last "geum" is "jigeum" which means "right now" so I tried translating that as "golden moment")

Seokjin: This is my happiest and the most precious moment. ARMYs, I love you!

Yoongi:  Firstly, the fact that this large venue is filled with only ARMYs and us- this really moves me and I want to thank you guys again.

Yoongi: I think I'm able to achieve the things I've always wanted to achieve in my life after meeting our ARMYs.

Yoongi: It really feels like a dream.

Yoongi: I really think I was lucky to meet you guys. Thanks to all of you, I'm able to achieve my dreams and I can continue to dream more dreams. I want to thank you all. Thank you  very, very much.

Yoongi: I thought "no way". Ever since we debuted, I thought it wasn't going to be possible. But we were able to achieve the impossible goals, 1, 2 goals and then 2, 3 goals! Thank you very much for making it possible.

Yoongi: All we can do for you  is to continue producing better music, and performances as BTS.

Yoongi: We're able to continue dreaming every day because of you. Thank you.

Hoseok: Do you remember our first MUSTER? It feels like yesterday but we're already standing here!

Hoseok: This is literally a meeting with our fans, isn't it? So It feels like we're interacting with you guys differently compared to our concerts.

Hoseok: I think that helps us to realize how special our ARMYs are. As a KPOP group, we're really proud and happy to fill this venue with one heart and one intention.

Hoseok: I wonder if there would be any person who is happier than me! I think that person could only be our ARMYs! Guys, are you happy?


Hoseok: Guys, now please go and boast that you're a fan of BTS! Now you guys can really show off that you're a fan of BTS! I'm so proud! I'm really grateful to all of you for supporting us and enjoying our performance with us.

Hoseok: "We trust each other so 2, 3!" I trust you guys. We trust you guys so ARMYs, all you have to do is to trust us. I love you!

Taehyung: Thank you for making it possible for us to perform at Gocheok Dome. And today, I'm going to try talking about myself.

Taehyung: Recently, fans asked me...

Taehyung: "Taehyung, is something troubling you?" or  told me,  "I think you're having a hard time...". I've been asked similar questions many times. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't really tell.

Taehyung: So I would like to talk about myself at Gocheok Dome to our fans. My grandmother passed away recently.

Taehyung: My grandmother passed away on September 3rd when we were in the Philippines and that's when I received the message too. My grandmother was like my parents, she raised me for 14 years and she always allowed me to do what I want, and eat what I wanted to have. And my grandmother loved me even when I was acting like a spoiled child. She remains in my memories and she's a special person to other people too. She was a very special person. I couldn't believe when they told me that my grandmother passed away.

Taehyung: So when we won our very first first place on Music Bank, that day was the 49th day after her death. That is why I told a message to my grandmother for the first time.

Taehyung: My grandmother used to say, "I wish I could see Taehyung on TV" and my wish was to do an event for my grandmother and send a message to her when we win the first place. But the timing didn't work well... This really made me sad.

Taehyung: But my very special grandmother told me, "You should sincerely love your fans", that's what my grandmother told me.

Taehyung: We were able to enter Gocheok Dome and gain more attention with "Blood Sweat & Tears" thanks to our ARMYs but I also believe that my grandmother supported and cheered me a lot from above. I will keep this in mind and work harder so our ARMYs who we love the most, I hope you could all remember my grandmother who I loved very dearly. Thank you!

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